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Online Resources for Shepherds

David Wise is a local independent insurance agent providing innovative insurance solutions to farmers and agribusiness owners in central Virginia.  He has over 24 years’ experience and his farm background and training have helped him immensely to better understand his client’s unique needs.

David Wise Insurance Social Media:

The American Sheep Industry Association

Their Let’s Grow campaign has some excellent webinars

Maryland Small Ruminate Page

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC)

Northeast Small Ruminant Parasite Control (The University of Rhode Island) – Virginia Tech Parasitologist, Dr. Anne Zajac, has done some joint research with them and they’ve created some excellent videos and online resources that may be found at the link below as well as an online FAMACHA course.  I do, however, strongly recommend that you take an in-person live FAMACHA class when you can as you learn so much more

Virginia State University Small Ruminant Program

Virginia Tech Sheep

Virginia Tech Southwest AREC Performance Ram Test in Glade Spring, VA

Virginia Ram Test held annually at the Virginia Tech Shenandoah AREC in Raphine, VA

Sheep 101

Sheep 201 – A Beginners Guide to Raising Sheep

Ohio State University/OSU Sheep Team

A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep  Link to —–> A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep 2020 edition
Printed copies can be ordered by sending $3.00 per copy to KHSI Operations,P.O. Box 739, Fowlerville, MI  48836-0739.  When you become a member of KHSI, they will mail you a copy of the Katahdin Guide as well as some other helpful resources in a new member kit.

Michigan State University MSU Extension Sheep & Goats

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