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It has been an extremely difficult decision but we are liquidating our entire sheep flocks of Texels and Katahdins and all of our sheep equipment due to David’s recent and unexpected heart bypass surgery.  (UPDATE:  ALL OF OUR SHEEP HAVE BEEN SOLD.)  Our remaining equipment that is for sale is listed below.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing or have questions.  (Asking prices are included for each item immediately following its description below.)

We will be adding some smaller items later as we have time to put those together, take pics, and post them.  Thank you for your interest.


Here are the specs on this trough from Premier1’s website

We used welded 4″x 4″ goat panel to make the part where the sheep and goats eat hay through.  Each of these panels is welded at the joints to help them be more sturdy and last longer.  We have found that these feeders work great as fenceline feeders for sheep and goats.  However, they need to be under roof in a row to be protected from the elements.  These feeders work well for feeding both grain and hay or both at the same time.

Asking $100 EACH for these FOUR (4) 8′ Goat and Sheep Feed troughs.

LOT  2  –  TWO (2) KETCHAM HAY FEEDERS RC108   6 1/2′ x 8 1/2′ Bale Feeder     

Here is a link below to the specs on these hay feeders from Ketcham’s website. (Please keep in mind that the prices shown in their catalog DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING and that is a big part of the cost associated normally with purchasing these due to their size and weight.  They will be happy to provide you with a quote on shipping if you are trying to compare costs with purchasing these from our farm.)   Shipping when we purchased 3 of these feeders at one time cost us over $300.00 so that’s why we have priced these feeders as we have.  Thank you to those folks who have asked us this very question.

We have used these feeders since the fall of 2018 and they do an excellent job of feeding either large round bales or 3′ x 3′ x 7′ large square bales.  They help save hay and we’ve never had an issue with mature sheep or lambs getting hung up in these feeders.

Asking $475 EACH for these TWO (2) KETCHAM HAY FEEDERS


Here are the specs on this 8′ loading ramp from D-S Equipment’s website

This loading chute is easily adjustable for loading different height vehicles.

Asking $750 for this D-S Equipment’s  8′ Portable Loading Ramp


Approximate dimensions:  The shed is 106″ tall on the front and 86″ tall on the back.  The shed is 168″ long x 110″ wide.  The entrance opening is 5′ 3″ tall x 115″ wide.

To be moved by buyer at buyer’s expense.  We can refer you to the building mover who delivered this building to us, who delivers and sets up buildings daily.

Asking $2,000 for this run-in shed

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know as we will have some additional items for sale soon.  Please subscribe below to our newsletter.

Visiting Poplar View Farm – We welcome visitors; however these visits must be made by advance appointment.

When you visit Poplar View Farm: Please wear clean clothing and shoes which have not been around sheep or any other livestock. We will also ask you to disinfect your shoes and/or wear plastic shoe covers which we will provide. If you plan to visit other sheep farms the day you visit us, we ask that you come to our place first. All of the above requests are precautions that we take for biosecurity to avoid the spread of disease and other organisms between farms. Thank you for your cooperation.

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